Total Tuition and Fees (approx.)

Thai Student 553,600 Baht (US$18,454)
Overseas Student 566,100 Baht (US$18,870)
Overseas student (Classroom based) 980,000 Baht (US$31,995)

Other Fees (to be applied case by case)

Maintain Status 6,800 Baht
Graduation Fee 12,600 Baht
Qualifying Examination Fee 15,000 Baht
Dessertation Proposal Defense Fee 12,000 Baht
Dessertation Final Defense Fee 25,000 Baht

*Tuition and Fees are subject to change without any prior notice.
Tuition and Fees based on 6 semesters. Should students fail to complete the program within
6 semesters, additional fees must be applied.