I. Foundation Courses
TT 5001 Teaching Profession Non-credits

Importance of the teaching profession, teacher’s roles, responsibilities and tasks, characteristics of effective teachers, academic leadership, standards of teaching profession, morals and ethics of teaching profession, the evolution of the teaching profession and education theories, teaching strategies, concept of classroom management, education law in Thailand

TT 6005 Educational Research Non- credits

Concepts and principles of research, types of research, research design, formulation of
research questions, writing research hypothesis, searching for relevant literature, data analysis
design, basics of descriptive and inferential statistics, interpretation of data, report, discussion and application of research results, plagiarism detection and prevention, ethics of researchers, guidelines for using human as research subject, application of research results for learning development, conducting research for teaching/learning development and student development

II. Required Courses
TT 8100 Teaching innovation, Strategies for Technology Oriented 3 (3-0-6) Credits

Concepts and learning theories with focus on the teaching innovation, strategies, measurement and evaluation that teachers can use to maintain and support student learning with technology,
encourage productive class work, involvement and communication as well as accommodate the individual differences of students,. Technology enhances course, eLearning, hybrid course, and
virtual course.

TT 8200 Planning and Management of Educational Innovations 3 (3-0-6) Credits

Impacts and influences of new innovations and change on the academic process, managing these changes and innovations and formulating strategic plans to cope up with innovative changes and impacts.

TT 8300 Instructional Leadership and Digital Leadership 3 (3-0-6) Credits

Analysis of critical issues in leadership with emphasis on leadership in instruction, digital leadership, supporting the professional development of teachers and promoting the use of technology to prepare teachers and students for a dynamic world society, the role of instructional leader in assessment that impact the educational process and learners, the making of research – based decisions, local and global challenges as well as societal pressures on the educational process and utilization of leadership skills to meet these challenges.

TT 8400 Advanced Educational Research Methodology 3 (3-0-6) Credits

Core research knowledge for understanding research and developing skills in analyzing and designing research. Students will be exposed to advanced statistics, quantitative and qualitative research design and mixed-method research designs.

TT 8500 Doctoral Webinar in Teaching & Technology I 1 (1-0-2) Credits

Interactive seminar dealing with today’s most pressing issues in teaching and technology to better share information, collaborate with others and learn new and innovative teaching techniques with technology.

TT 8600 Doctoral Webinar in Teaching & Technology II 2 (2-0-4) Credits
Interactive seminar dealing with today’s most pressing issues in teaching and technology to better share information, collaborate with others and learn new and innovative teaching techniques with technology. Discussion of development of ideas and topics regarding the research and needs of the education, technology, and field of educational technology
TT 9100 Dissertation 1 9(9-0-27) credits

Review of literature, and other sources to develop a topic for a dissertation under the supervision of the advisors. The Concept paper will be written includes the research design and research implementation.

TT 9200 Dissertation 2 9(9-0-27) credits

Statement of the problem should be identified. Clear objectives will be stated as well as hypotheses (if any). Development of a proposal that includes the research methodology, population and sample, sampling techniques, data collection, and data analysis.

TT 9300 Dissertation 3 9(9-0-27) credits

Research instruments will be constructed and prepared for proposal defense and continue conducting the research.

TT 9400 Dissertation 4 9(9-0-27) credits

The research findings and their implications will be summarized and discussed for further research or action. Prepare for the research final defense. Candidates publish or obtain an acceptance of publication in a journal which has the peer review.