Total Tuition and Fees for Thai Student (approx.)

Thesis Option 255,800 Baht (US$8,821)
Independent Study Option 251,300 Baht (US$8,666)


Total Tuition and Fees for Overseas Student (approx.)

Thesis Option 268,300 Baht (US$9,252)
Independent Study Option 263,800 Baht (US$9,097)


Other Fees (to be applied case by case)

Re-Defense 15,000 Baht
Maintain Status 5,300 Baht
Graduation Fee 8,100 Baht
Credit Transfer from other programs (per course) 1,500 Baht

*Tuition and Fees are subject to change without any prior notice.
Tuition and Fees based on 4 semesters. Should students fail to complete the program within
4 semesters, additional fees must be applied.