M.S. (Management) is an online eLearning master’s degree program in Management offered by the school of Business Admin-istration, Graduate School of eLearning, Assumption University. As of January 2017, The program has admitted more than 580 students from several countries, and more than 300 students have been graduated. The M.S. (Management) has received interests from a wide variety of occupations, such as flight attendants of various airlines, business owners and managers.

Students of M.S. (Management) study online through a web-based learning management system (LMS) on the Internet in virtual classrooms, from any location in the world that has Internet connection, and at any time that is convenient. Furthermore, a student can learn fast or slow at his own pace, repeat any lesson as many times required. Any required group assignments, exercises, quizzes, and tests are all done online through the Internet. Final examinations are proctored at the University or authorized testing centers in Thailand and abroad. The M.S. (Management) degree has received accreditation from the Ministry of Education of Thailand.

Program Objective

M.S. (Management) is designed to develop creative thinking and analytical thinking and analytical skills that entrepreneurs, corporate managers, and leaders of all kinds of business organizations: profit, non-profit, or government need to effectively manage their operation to fulfill the objectives. It also aims to develop management competencies required for implementation of innovative thinking and new ideas in business. Furthermore, to provide an understanding of the complexities and challenges of management of resources in the border less knowledge economy.