Program Background

Master of Science in Information Technology and Management (M.S.ITM) program is offered by Graduate School of eLearning, Assumption University of Thailand. Instructors, lecturers and students can access through SCITPlus, a web-based Learning Management System (LMS) and assignments could also be accessed through this system.

Students can study anywhere and anytime, not within the confines of classrooms and class schedules. Some contents can be downloaded, saved and viewed later, giving room for offline study.

Classroom-based tutoring and lecture sessions are sometimes organized to supplement the learning mode of study. The study system of SCITPlus is proven to be effective and user-friendly for all our students.

M.S.ITM curriculum is accredited by the Ministry of Education of Thailand.

The M.S.ITM program is operated using the same standard as traditional classroom. The degree obtained is equivalent to a degree obtained through traditional classroom.

Program Objectives

The Information Technology and Management (ITM) Program aims to provide a broad perspective on the nature of technology, how to management information to work, research and activities development. The program also prepares students to participate in a rapidly changing world in which technology is the norm.

With the widespread use of Information Technology and Management, the demand for knowledgeable Information Technology and Management personnel, both in Thailand and worldwide, keeps growing steadily thus the Information Technology and Management program aims to serve this purpose.

The Graduate School of Advanced Technology Management, therefore, fills this gap by offering a Master’s degree program in Information Technology and Management that emphasizes on cutting-edge technologies and practical knowledge in addition to the application of Information Technology and Management in every aspect of learning activities.

Program Overview

M.S.ITM is designed to equip its graduates with not only firm foundation in information technology including the breadth and depth knowledge of recent development in the field, but also creative thinking and analytical skills that entrepreneurs need to effectively manage their operations.