The Master of Education in Teaching and Technology Program has been acknowledged by the Commission on Higher Education (CHE), Ministry of Education of Thailand on August 15, 2013.

The Master of Education (M.Ed.) in Teaching and Technology is offered to everyone who is interested in enhancing the knowledge of integrating technology in education. The program focuses on the knowledge of education as well as the educational technology so that the learners would better understand the integration of the technology into the teaching methodology. The knowledge and skills that our graduates acquire would assist them to become professionals in the field of academic and business organizations which require services of education technology, and management of such projects.


In the filed of teaching, there is a trend toward the integration of technology into the teaching and learning process. With the increasing accessibility of the information technology, it is imperative that at present and in the future teachers and instructors are able to effectively utilize the technology into the teaching processes. The teaching is not limited to only the formal education, rather the corporate for training as well.

Therefore, most academic institutions and businesses integrate and implement the utilization of educational technology into their institutions. However, the implementation of technology can be effectively utilized by those who understand the benefits and able to incorporate the technology in an effective way.

The Graduate School of Advanced Technology Management realized the importance of developing professionals in the field of education and training who are competent in implementation and utilizing the instruc-tional technology into the teaching process. Thus, the College offers an online academic program “M.Ed. in Teaching and Tecnology” to serve those who need to improve their knowledge as well as further their education.