Off–Campus Test Center refers to examination rooms outside Assumption University arranged by Graduate School of Advanced Technology Management under authority of assigned proctors.

In Internet-based Distance Education, one of the primary objectives is for students to proceed with their studies anywhere without the need to visit the main campus. However, to maintain the quality and effectiveness of student assessment, it is imperative that examinations be conducted in proctored testing facilitating. Students can visit the nearby test centers provided in the list and take examinations on the date and time specified by the School. (Please note that Off-campus Test Center can be arranged upon request)

The arrangement for examination at off-campus test centers incurs additional cost and effort to both the host organization and the test personnel involved. It is, therefore, recommended that test center fees be collected from students involved and appropriate amount of compensation be remitted to test centers or test personnel.


A student has to pay the student test center fee for each examination they would take at the off-campus test center. The fee has to be paid directly to the university before the examination can be scheduled.

Region Off-Campus Center Fee* (per test taken)
Thailand THB 500
Overseas USD 40
*The above fees are subject to change without prior notice.


Students who wish to take final examinations at his/her off-campus test center must submit the ePetition form via ELIS System to GSATM within the first two weeks of that semester.

For further information, please contact the program via


 +66 (0) 2 723 2944
 +66 (0) 2 723 2960


 +66 (0) 2 723 2959