I. Foundation Course
TT 5001 Teaching Profession 3 (3-1-6) Credits

Importance of teaching profession, teachers’ roles, responsibilities and tasks, characteristics of effective teachers, morals of ethics of teaching profession required by Teacher’s Council of Thailand, standards of teaching profession, evolution of teaching profession, education theories, teaching strategies, concepts of classroom management, education law of Thailand, inculcation of spiritual values of teachers, role modeling, service mindedness and sacrifice, interaction between teachers and learners conducive to development of learners’ potentiality, search for an selection  of relevant data and information to keep pace with change, continuous support for advancement and development of the teaching profession, formal education, non-formal education, and self education

II. Required Courses
TT 6001 Innovation and Technology for Teaching and Learning 3 (3-0-6) Credits

Concepts and theories of learning, human development psychology, education psychology, learning psychology, innovation to improve learning, information technology for education, sources of knowledge, teaching strategies using technology, evaluation and application of innovation, information technology for communication purposes

TT 6002 Instructional Design 3 (3-0-6) Credits

Principles of instructional design, instructional design processes, instructional strategies, instructional media, psychology and communication theories related to instructional design, analysis of instructional design tasks, universal design, human factor and instructional design, evaluation of instructional materials, design of instructional materials for eLearning, utilization of eLearning through the Internet and in the classroom

TT 6003 Quality Assurance in Education 3 (3-0-6) Credits

Principles and concepts of quality assurance, roles of technology in quality assurance, quality assurance models, risk management, courseware quality assurance, standards of education institutions, quality assurance standards in Thai and international education, education accreditation, quality management, teaching/learning activity management and development of quality of teaching/learning, management of quality assessment of teaching/learning activity, technology for quality assurance

TT 6004 Learning Facilitator 3 (3-1-6) Credits

Theories of learning management, philosophy of learning facilitator, philosophy of education management, counseling psychology, learning models, learning management for improvement of analytical thinking, creative thinking and problem solving, course design and plan, classroom management, concept of learning center, morals and ethics of classroom facilitator, learning integration for inclusive classroom, good governance, principles, concepts, practice related to planning of learning management, learning management and learning environment, development of learning centers in education institutions, roles of learning facilitator

TT 6005 Educational Research 3 (3-1-6) Credits

Concepts and principles of research, types of research, research design, formulation of research questions, writing research hypothesis, searching for related literature, data analysis design, basics of descriptive and inferential statistics, interpretation of data, report, discussion and application of research results, plagiarism detection and prevention, ethics of researchers, guidelines for using human subjects, application of research results for learning development, conducting research for teaching/learning development and student development, tools for research

TT 6006 Webinar in Teaching and Technology 2 (2-0-4) Credits
Teaching and technology trends in comprehensive seminar
TT 6007 Educational Evaluation 3 (3-0-6) Credits

Principles of measurement and evaluation, methodology of measurement and evaluation, development of educational measurement tools, portfolio evaluation, practical evaluation, performance measurement, formative and summative evaluation, measurement strategies in eLearning classrooms, utilization of evaluation results for student development, authentic assessment

TT 6008 Language and Culture 3 (3-0-6) Credits

Impact of culture on teaching and learning, Thai language and culture, history of education in Thailand, communication strategies for education, modern technology culture, teaching students in digital age, etiquette in digital media, enhancement of skills in listening, speaking, reading and writing in Thai and foreign languages for accurate communication, application of language and culture for peaceful coexistence

TT 6009 Curriculum Development 3 (3-0-6) Credits

Education philosophy, concepts and theories, education for sustainable development, philosophical foundations of curriculum, principles and guidelines in curriculum development, curriculum and instruction, components of curriculum development, curriculum development and its application, problems and future trends in curriculum development, assessment of curriculum and utilization of assessment results to develop the curriculum, religion, economy, society, culture, concepts and strategies of education provision for strengthening sustainable development

TT 6010 Pre-practicum 1 (0-6-0) Credits

Observation of learning management, preparation of learning management plans that allow learners to construct knowledge themselves or other learning management plan, teaching experiment in simulated and real situations, designing of tests, test papers or test instruments, examination of test papers, marking and appraisal of learning achievement, examination of practicum and marking, research on solving learner problems, development of attributes of professional teachers

III. Elective Courses
TT 6403 Education and eLearning Laws 3 (3-0-6) Credits

Education laws, Thai and international laws, copyrights, digital rights, privacy, code regulations, etiquette, ethics, intellectual property, morals and ethics in teaching

TT 6404 Courseware Design and Development 3 (3-0-6) Credits

Tools for creating courseware, courseware design process, courseware production planning, courseware production, courseware delivery, learning objectives and courseware, standards of courseware development, management of courseware, courseware quality assurance, Learning Management System (LMS) (choice, implementation and management)

TT 6407 Knowledge Management in Education 3 (3-0-6) Credits

Overview of knowledge management, principles and concepts of knowledge management, technologies and tools for knowledge management, strategies for knowledge management and application of knowledge management

TT 6408 Educational Administration 3 (3-0-6) Credits

Concepts and theories of administration and management, management models, policy and planning, financial issues, educational leadership and decision making, budgeting, human resources management, implementation of eLearning and training projects in organization

IV. Thesis
TT 7101 Thesis I 6 (0-0-18) Credits

Exploration of emerging issues in teaching and/or technology by in-depth literature review under the guidance of appointed thesis advisor.

TT 7102 Thesis II 6 (0-0-18) Credits

Collection of data and information for conducting in-depth research under the guidance of appointed thesis advisor.

V. Independent Study
TT 7001 Independent Study 3 (0-0-9) Credits

Independent study of interesting topics in teaching and technology under the guidance of appointed project advisor.

VI. Teaching Practice
TT 8601 Teaching Practice I 3 (0-16-0) Credits

Teaching practice for major subjects, measurement and evaluation and application of outcome for development of learners, research for development of learners, exchange of learnings or sharing of knowledge in educational seminars

TT 8602 Teaching Practice II 3 (0-16-0) Credits

Teaching practice for major subjects, measurement and evaluation and application of outcome for development of learners, research for development of learners, exchange of learnings or sharing of knowledge in educational seminars