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Welcome to the website of Graduate School of Business and Advanced Technology Management (GS-BATM) which have been well-known since 2002. Faculty members, who are energetic and service-minded, will offer full courses of online education under M.S. (Management), M.S. (Information Technology and Management), M.Ed. (Teaching and Technology), Ph.D. (eLearning Methodology) and Ph.D. (Teaching and Technology). So far, we enrolled 27th batch of students under M.S. in Management (as of May 2015 record).

Advanced Technology Management (GS-BATM) is online education using digital multimedia technology in teaching and learning. With the maturity of online technology, location-less internet-based virtual classroom can be utilized at individual convenience. The employment of digital technology focuses at accelerating innovation, development, achievement and helping promote the educational mobility – while at the same time filling the gap of nation-wide educational inequality.

Professors employ fashionable programs and online-apps including Skype, WhatsApp, Line, FB and other social media to communicate with students, while online classes are performed using an open source software, SCIT+ version 5. The school is planning to bridge multimedia-based lectures accessible on mobile gadgets. We announce several distance learning centers around the globe in order to support both academic and test-center services.

Our academic team is not only capable of teaching & learning academic qualification but, also experiences from business: entrepreneurship, innovation management, eMarketing, digital technology and organization development.

Lecturers are competent at their own teaching technological experience. Also our graduates never freeze: they become successful entrepreneurs, IT managers, company business successor and the like. If you are seeking for location-less education we encourage, we are the correct choice for your higher education. If you think you are not capable we will convince you to think twice and to picture the reverse.

Assistant Professor Chanintorn Jittawiriyanukoon, D.Eng.
Graduate School of Advanced Technology Management

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