Frequently Asked Questions

faq1. Are all the eLearning programs offered by GSATM accredited?

Yes, all programs offered by Assumption University are approved by the OHEC, Ministry of Education of Thailand. By virtue of its extensive collaboration with many foreign universities, Assumption University is not only widely known in ASEAN but also in North America, South America, Africa, Europe and Australia.

2. What is the Medium of Instruction (MOI) in GSATM programs?

All programs offered at Assumption University use English as a MOI.

3. Do I need to pass TOEFL or an equivalent English proficiency exam to apply at GSATM?

All programs offered at Assumption University require proficiency in English. Each program at GSATM uses its own criteria for admission. TOEFL, IELTS and scores on English Proficiency Test conducted by GSATM itself can be used for the purposes of admission or graduation. Please carefully check the admission requirement for the particular program you are interested in.

4. How many eLearning programs are offered by GSATM ?

GSATM offers five (5) graduate level program, three (3) of them are Masters Degree programs and the remaining two (2) are PhD level programs. Details of each program are given on their respective website.

5. Are these programs 100% online or do I need to travel and attend any of the classes on AU campuses?

All programs are 100% online. You are not required to travel to Bangkok, Thailand. All study materials and relevant tasks are completed online using our own Learning Management System (LMS). GSATM uses Moodle as its LMS to host, manage and deliver coursework for all the 5 programs.

6. What is the duration of the eLearning programs offered by GSATM?

Master degree program can be finished in 2 years whereas PhD programs are designed for completion in 3 years.

7. Can I finish the programs earlier than their stipulated duration of 2-3 years?

No, the scope and sequence of the M.S. programs is laid out for 2 years and PhD programs requires 3 years. After meeting all the requirements a student can graduate at the end of second or third year.

8. Are there any exam requirements for the M.S degree programs?

Yes, the students enrolled in Master degree program have to attend two (2) proctored exams. Both the midterm as well as the final exam is conducted at the designated exam centers. Students who live in Bangkok city can attend the exams at Assumption University campus and others living outside Bangkok or residing in foreign countries are required to attend the exams at the designated centers setup by GSATM near their locations. Students are provided with the schedule and all other details about centers before the exams are conducted.

9. Are there any exam requirements for the PhD degree programs?

For PhD programs all required exams, such as Qualifying Exam, Proposal Defense and Final Defense are conducted online. GSATM uses a very reliable Cisco WebEx video conferencing system to conduct all the needed exams. Hence there is no need to travel to Bangkok, Thailand. However, students residing in Bangkok are given an option to attend the exams at the university campus. Details are provided to every student as and when an exam is scheduled.

10. In case a student wants to travel to Thailand does the university provide travel VISA.

Students enrolled in eLearning programs are not required to travel to Thailand. However, anyone wishing to visit Thailand can obtain VISA on arrival at the airport or get a pre-approved VISA from the Thai Embassy located in their respective countries.

11. What is total amount of tuition fee a student needs to pay?

Tuition fee for all M.S. and PhD programs are provided on their respective websites.

12. Does GSATM provide any scholarships?

No, GSATM does not provide any kind of scholarship or financial assistance to students enrolled in any of the GSATM programs. However, time to time program promotions may be advertised on our website.

13. When is annual graduation ceremony held?

At this time, the annual graduation ceremony is scheduled in the month of November. Every student who has completed all the requirements for graduation is notified well in advance about the details of ceremony.


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